How to capture bright colours in Photography – Vibrant colours are one of the 10 things people like to view in Instagram

People love to see an image that pops.  Bright colours draw you into the image and make you feel happy.  However, it is important to use colour combinations carefully.  Below are some ideas to help you

  • Bold, eye catching pictures can be so successful if you know how to make good use of contrasting colours.
  •  The most striking effect can be created if you use just two colours from opposite ends of the colour spectrum.  So red is often uses with green and looks good too with blue.  Orange looks extra vibrant along with purple.
  • Another way to make bright colours stand out is to use white, black or grey in your image.  Colour pop images were once a big thing but have gone out of fashion a bit. They can, however, be very effective.
  • Bright colours work best if you keep the composition simple.
  • On the other hand a busy photograph can work well if the bright colour is repeated as a pattern as in the flower image below.
  • If you want to separate the colour you can use bokeh to limit background distractions by using a shallow depth of field.
  • If you have a polarising filter, use this to really make bright colours pop.

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