If everything went just as planned at a wedding, your wedding photos wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun after all!  Sharing the fun and laughter as well as the romantic moments and tears of happiness is one of the great joys of being a wedding photographer.  From experience I have learnt that the brides and grooms remember these moments more than any other part of their wedding day and, consequently, cherish the photographs that capture them.

No. 1  When the decor comes crashing down mid-vows.

No. 2 The Speeches – When the mother of the groom sees a photo of her son she has never seen before

Wedding speeches fun moments

No. 3 Throwing the Bouquet – The rugby scrum amongst over-eager singletons

Northumberland Wedding Photographer

No. 4 When your parents are just too embarrassing – The Dad Dance and other enthusiastic dance moves

Yorkshire Wedding Barn Photographer

No. 5  Cutting the cake – When the groom decides the bride looks tasty

Yorkshire Wedding Barn Photographer

No. 6 When a guest puts his foot in it

Newcastle Wedding Photography

No. 7. When the bride and groom are jumping with joy

North East Wedding Photographer

No. 8  When the groom is given a final warning and he sprouts a moustache overnight.

Yorkshire Wedding Barn Photographer

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